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Image from PLANT Apothecary

Recently, the beauty industry has created positive messages of beauty standards through inspirational marketing campaigns. Beauty brands have broadcasted empowering messages to women about traditional gender roles, double standards and positive body image. Product packaging is another creative outlet for a brand to get out their message while creating customer loyalty.

Beauty brands like PLANT Apothecary, utilize packaging to express messages of wellness. Messages on labels read “BE WELL,” “CALM DOWN,” and “RESET” among others. PLANT Apothecary uses simplistic packaging to create a customer-friendly approach that focuses on how the product will benefit the buyer. Skin care lines and cosmetic products are a gentle reminder of self-care that we often leave out of our daily routines.

The beauty industry is shifting their focus from external beauty to internal beauty igniting a movement that creates conversations of self-love, inner peace and mindfulness. Positive messages on product packaging create an experience for customers that make them feel good about themselves. Dion Label Printing provides an assortment of beauty label solutions to create a lasting impression.

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